I'm Tiffany. I'm from Olympia, Washington, and currently living in Bellingham, Washington, attending Western Washington University studying Marketing and International Business. Besides taking pictures, I enjoy spending my free time exploring new places, bowling, and re-watching TV shows like Parks & Recreation, Criminal Minds, and all the other trendy shows on Netflix.


A little more about me

If you were here wondering how I got into photography, it was in my middle school years, when I first got a Tumblr and saw how cool and beautiful photography could be. My parents got me a Sony point-and-shoot in seventh grade and I took it everywhere with me. Then, a few years later my dad got me a Nikon DSLR and I never looked back.

To me, photos are a great way of capturing peoples personalities and making great memories that could last a lifetime, while also helping individuals build confidence in themselves by creating beautiful portraits of them, looking and feeling their best -- yes, very cheesy, I'm cheesy. If you'd like to make some memories with me and your loved ones, shoot me a message!