San Francisco

Took a little trip with my mom and Tim over winter break to visit my mom’s best friend and she gave Tim and I a WHOLE day to drive down the coast by ourselves

Although visiting San Fran costs an arm and a leg, 12/10 would recommend (maybe stay in San Jose or Oakland tho)

Oregon Roadtrip

Finally catching up on blog posts…. its been a busy few months HAHAHA

Since theres so much to catch up on I plan on only highlighting my best photos and shoots

So heres my Oregon roadtrip through Bend and up the coast with Tim — one of my favorite trips ever

Oregon Getaway

Tim and I were planning on hitting up Portland the weekend after Mount Rainier and mentioned it to Patrick and coincidentally he was planning on doing the same thing with Huatsern sooo Patrick got the crazy idea that we should bring ALL of our friends with us... which resulted in a hectic but incredibly fun trip to Portland and Cannon Beach all in one day.

Mount Rainier National Park

Holy cow every weekend is an adventure this summer.

A couple weekends ago, my brother, Patrick, and I spontaneously decided to go hiking to an area we werent too familiar with -- the Sunrise side of Mount Rainier.

Holy cow, we were in line to get through the gate for probably 2 whole hours. But that wait was well worth it for the incredible views and crispy fresh air.

We ended our day at Paradise and were eaten alive by the mosquitos but there were no regrets & lots and lots of great laughs + memories the whole way through.


I've been watching Monica's Youtube videos since I was in middle school, meeting her was probably one of the most refreshing things I've experienced.. She was so down to earth and easy to talk to, we ended up mostly spending our time getting to know each other and tell each other stories the whole evening.

(12/10 would recommend DMing your fav on Instagram bc you never know if they'll DM you back and end up being friends with you)

Rattlesnake Ledge

A quick afternoon getaway to a favorite local crowded hike with Phil last week -- oh what fun it was to catch up on all things happening in our lives and our hopes and dreams :3

Lake Cushman

Patrick dragged me out of my house after that brutal hike the day before and honestly, I'm glad he did because exploring Lake Cushman never gets old and we found a pretty cool lookout while we were out there :')

Alpine Lake Adventure

I'd been wanting to go out on a hike in the Enchantments for a while, and a few weeks ago, Tim, Adam, and I finally headed out to the central cascades to hike this beautiful trail. :')

It was much more difficult than we expected but nothing TOO bad.

Abbotsford Tulips

Wow not a single shoot in April?? Who am I????

Welp, its ok because I made my comeback starting with the Abbotsford Tulip Festival... Except I lost my Raybans so that was lame.