family session

Patrick & Joy


Patrick & I have a terrible habit of making plans completely last minute. This shoot would be one of them — I had a final on this fine Thursday morning and he texted me asking if I was home yet so we could hang out. I wasnt but I said I’d be home later that day. Fast forward 6.5hrs, my first stop home is at the Capitol building doing a shoot for Patrick & his sister Joy. :’)

Of course being the long time friends we were, none of us could reaallly take the shoot seriously… So we ended up with a handful of photos that we thought would be absolutely perfect to bring home to mom. And here I present to you our dream sibling shoot.


Dreamy evenings in dreamy places -- I can never get enough of Lake Cushman

Dietz Family!

Took a quick trip home this past weekend to shoot with Laura's cute little family for Charlie's 1st birthday!! So much fun!

Sogn Fam!!

Fun times walking around Harbor Days with my favorite family!!

Sonja's Family Fun!

Wandered around a beautiful garden with Sonja and her two lovely girls the other night and holy cow, I'm so in love with them and all these pretty flowers :')