ALWAYS gotta go out for a quick shoot & catch up session when we’re both home at the same time.

I’ll always be forever grateful for Clint’s friendship — enjoy some pics of our lil run around Tacoma


Had the pleasure of meeting Shelby when she came to visit for the weekend. So much fun exploring new spots in my favorite city. :’))

Monica & Emma

Up in Seattle for the weekend & helped Monica shoot her ~posing guide~ video -- so! much! fun!

Grace & Haley

Shooting in 90 degree weather really got us, so we hid away in the trails and got some bad ass shots if I do say so myself :')

Oregon Getaway

Tim and I were planning on hitting up Portland the weekend after Mount Rainier and mentioned it to Patrick and coincidentally he was planning on doing the same thing with Huatsern sooo Patrick got the crazy idea that we should bring ALL of our friends with us... which resulted in a hectic but incredibly fun trip to Portland and Cannon Beach all in one day.


A new lens calls for a new shoot, amirite?


I've been watching Monica's Youtube videos since I was in middle school, meeting her was probably one of the most refreshing things I've experienced.. She was so down to earth and easy to talk to, we ended up mostly spending our time getting to know each other and tell each other stories the whole evening.

(12/10 would recommend DMing your fav on Instagram bc you never know if they'll DM you back and end up being friends with you)


Finally met and shot with Kayla after following each other on Instagram for about a year now :') She was so sweet and cute, I'm so happy I finally got to meet her <3

Meet Clint

Meet Clint -- one of my favorite people to photograph & spend time with.

So photogenic, so sweet; 12/10 human


First day of my most favorite event in town -- LAKEFAIR

Finally shot with Lynn down here after talking about it for years now and loooved how they came out

Oly Friends!

Could not say no to a super fun around town at all of the most iconic spots in Oly so here I present to you the OLYMPIA shoot


I was sitting in Biology class one day bored as heck and feeling completely burnt out from school so I snapchatted Emily and asked if she wanted to go to Disneyland for Memorial Day Weekend... She immediately replied with a solid yes so after class I headed right home and booked us a flight to Orange County that same day. Fast forward a couple weeks -- we hopped on the plane & had the best 48 hour vacation of our lives. 


A quick morning shoot with Joelle before heading back to Bellingham

Love love love how bright the light made everything look


Finally catching up with blogposts now that I'm done with school....

Shot this set with Lynn RIGHT after the Dorsey wedding because welp, I'm crazy HAHA


Aaaaannd we're BACK.

Havent had Jasper model for me in so long, I'm so so happy with how the photos came out. :')


Always love going out, catching up, and taking fun snaps of Ian after class. This was such a perfect evening, it felt like the rain cleared up just for us to shoot. :')

Hannah & Brigitte

Since this year started, I think I've only had the chance to plan & shoot about 4-5 times, and this was one of my favorites out of those few times... It was planned at the verrryy last minute but I loved how every photo came out. :')


Ah , yes finally catching up to blog posts... Over the past few months, I've been pretty uninspired lately, with less time to think of cool concepts and brainstorm pretty destinations to check out... I just havent really shot much. But with spring finally hitting, I FINALLY HAVE NEW IDEAS AND SHOOTS LINEDUP YESSIR.

But for now, enjoy this set of photos from Emily's birthday in March. :)

Sam & Sydni

Another beautiful morning at Priest Point Park, this time with Sam and Sydni. Had a wonderful time sitting in the trees and looking for little bits of sunlight peaking from the trees. :')