Jansport reached out to me to be a part of their back to school campaign this season -- here are some snaps Tim and I got shooting for them!

Kayla's Real Estate Photo Fun!

A super quick marketing shoot at the house Kayla has been showing. Soo in love with the house, I wish I could just buy it myself :D

Pura Vida Bracelets!

Anna from Pura Vida was kind enough to send me a number of cute bracelets and rings for me to shoot, so of course I had to go to my favorite park at sunset to get some sick shots (shoutout to Andrew for taking them as always)!!

Fall in Gig Harbor woo!

Second shoot with Olysocial & South Tacoma Honda in Gig Harbor... So much fun driving around in the middle of nowhere with my favorite friends on a SCHOOL DAY. :') So obsessed with how the photos came out

South Tacoma Honda

Every month for the next year, I'll be shooting for South Tacoma Honda and I'm so darn stoked for the upcoming shoots! November's shoot will be full of aesthetically pleasing PNW shots so stay tuned.. In the meantime, enjoy these shots from October!

Brigitte - MyCampusCloset

Shot for MyCampusCloset again for their new fall arrivals! So much fun hangin out with Brigitte literally an hour before leaving for Bellingham!