Oly Friends!

Could not say no to a super fun around town at all of the most iconic spots in Oly so here I present to you the OLYMPIA shoot


My final 2018 senior... It was raining much harder than we expected but that didnt stop us from shooting!!

Brigitte - MyCampusCloset

Shot for MyCampusCloset again for their new fall arrivals! So much fun hangin out with Brigitte literally an hour before leaving for Bellingham!


Final client shoot of the season... WOOOOOOHOOOOO


Finally did Brooke's senior photos and I gotta say, this shoot wasnt like my other ones (probably because I brought Jordan as my assistant)


Shot at Tumwater Falls with Braden & had Satchel for an assistant! Such a blast!!


A fun shoot w/ Naomi a while ago woohoo

Joseph & Heather

Finally took Joseph's senior photos and brought Heather along for some shots as well and then stopped by Target to browse woohoo!!


Love love loved Hannah's cute style & fun personality!!


Had a quick senior shoot with Montana a few days ago, it was so nice getting to know him and talking about Pokemon and Animal Crossing! :D


Super obsessed with Amanda's second session just because her photos look so unique even though it was shot in the least unique place in the area. Lovin' the edgy & moody vibes.


Left early the other day for a shoot in Steilacoom & stopped by the Best Buy in Tacoma and saw that they had pretty much all of their Nikon lenses in stock so I impulsively picked one up.... Definitely dont regret it at all; welcome to the family 85. <3


Hannah's second session was soo fall-y I'm loovin the look of the smoke behind her


Soo much smoke in the air but that didnt stop us from going outside for a shoot :D


Completely obsessing over Stella's set & aesthetic right now, dont mind me


Finally got around to taking some more photos with Heather this past week!


Linh's second session was so much fun, we went to the prettiest flower garden in Tacoma! 


Jade brought her dogs to her shoot and I swear they were the CUTEST omg


Jen came all the way from Duvall to have me do her photos and I gotta say her, and her family were the sweetest :')


Tiffany's tire may have popped but it was still a blast running around with her & all her super fun friends!