The Buis

Every time I come home from school I always gotta take my cousins out for a quick shoot — this time, it was at Steamboat Island, one of my favorite places in Oly ever :’)


ALWAYS gotta go out for a quick shoot & catch up session when we’re both home at the same time.

I’ll always be forever grateful for Clint’s friendship — enjoy some pics of our lil run around Tacoma

San Francisco

Took a little trip with my mom and Tim over winter break to visit my mom’s best friend and she gave Tim and I a WHOLE day to drive down the coast by ourselves

Although visiting San Fran costs an arm and a leg, 12/10 would recommend (maybe stay in San Jose or Oakland tho)

Oregon Roadtrip

Finally catching up on blog posts…. its been a busy few months HAHAHA

Since theres so much to catch up on I plan on only highlighting my best photos and shoots

So heres my Oregon roadtrip through Bend and up the coast with Tim — one of my favorite trips ever